Red Ramblers News · AHS virtual cheer try-outs

Deadline will be Friday May 29th by 8:00 pm
Try-our requirements for grades 9-12 include: 5 teacher evaluations from teachers you had this year in a graded class, a submitted video of the learned try-out sideline chant and cheer, a made up individual cheer, and 3 jumps.
Grades 7-8 requirements: 3 teacher evaluations, submitted video of learned sideline chant and cheer, and 3 jumps
Details about each can be found on the Band app here.
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Judges will then review videos and submit their scores. Results will be announced Monday June 1st.
If you have any questions, please contact Keeli Lamie at or 765-585-4666
Links for try-out information 
Try-out information sheet and sign up:
Teacher evaluation sheet: send the link to teachers from this year of a graded class. Grades 7-8 need 3. Grades 9-12 need 5.
Here are the links to the try-out material.The words will need to be changed when submitting the videos to reflect Attica, Ramblers, our colors, etc.
Group Cheer: Tryout Cheer Tigers Tigers Teach

Tryout Cheer Tigers Tigers Teach


Grades 9-12 will perform the group chant (sideline), the group cheer, and make up an individual cheer. They will also do 3 jumps (toe touch, right side, and choice). Athletes will submit separate videos of each (chant, cheer, cheer, and jump) with each video starting with name, grade going into and what they will be performing.