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Meet Spring Athlete: Shaelyn Meador

Parents Names: Reannon Meador and Grahame Bullington 

Spring Sport you participate in: Softball

Interesting Fact About You: I have set new records in school history for being the first-ever girl wrestler at Attica.

Favorite Spring Sport Memory: At practice before Spring Break when Coach Douglass made us stand in the outfield and attempt to throw a ball in between the legs of a chair that was sitting on home plate. He told us that if one person made it in between the legs, we would not have to run. We all had so much energy and we all were cheering for each other.

Favorite Coach Douglass Saying: “If you put that much energy every time you stepped in the batters box or stepped on the field to make a play, I guarantee you can win every game.”

What do you miss about not being able to practice your spring sport today? I miss being able to see all of my teammates and coaches and I miss being able to get in the cages and work on my hitting and get on the field and work on my fielding.

What’s a message that you have for your spring team teammates? No matter how hard the fight gets, do not let the circumstances we are in keep you from working hard and continuing to better yourself so that we can come out and have a great season next year.

How do you plan on getting better in the offseason? I plan to continue getting reps in, work out, and run as much as I can to help prepare myself for next season.