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Meet Spring Athlete: Emma Blankenship

Parents Names: Travis and Courtney Blankenship

Spring Sport you participate in: Softball

Interesting Fact About You: I have watched the series Friends at least 15 times.

Favorite Spring Sport Memory: Beating Seeger my freshman year when we went into the 13th inning.

Favorite Coach Branstetter Saying:  Don’t settle for being mediocre, push yourself to be the best.

What do you miss about not being able to practice your spring sport today?I miss being able to see my teammates and bond with them on the field.

What’s a message that you have for your spring team teammates? Continue working hard and I can’t wait so start practice with everyone again next year!

How do you plan on getting better in the offseason? I plan on working on my hitting at home and working on my arm strength.