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Meet Spring Athlete: Jocelyn Kerr

Parents Names: Drew and Teressa Kerr

Spring Sport you participate in: Softball

Interesting Fact About You: I am learning how to juggle

Favorite Spring Sport Memory: This one time at practice Coach Branstetter made Hannah and I wrestle for our position in right field to spice things up. Long story short, I pinned her, but I only got to play right field because Hannah broke her thumb running into someone catching a fly ball. 

Favorite Coach Branstetter Saying: “Watch the ball all the way through¨ followed by ¨ You’re not watching the ball!¨ 

What do you miss about not being able to practice your spring sport today? I miss being able to sit in the coach’s office before games and after practice, just talking to the team and laughing.

What’s a message that you have for your spring team teammates? I miss you guys so much, I can’t wait for next season.

How do you plan on getting better in the offseason? I plan on attending summer workouts after all this Corona stuff is over.