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Meet Spring Athlete: Jordyn Riegle

Parents Names: Aaron and Heidi Riegle

Spring Sport you participate in: Tennis

Interesting Fact About You: I was at the Astoria beach which is where The Goonies was filmed.

I also was on the USS Kidd and I got to sit in the Captain’s chair and use his private bathroom (which no one can use).

Favorite Spring Sport Memory: Probably when there was a huge water fight that broke out between the seniors and Mr. Dill then it turned into the whole team throwing water at each other

Favorite Coach Dill Saying: Coach Dill just really shouts girls at us which can be funny.

What do you miss about not being able to practice your spring sport today? I miss not being able to see my teammates and not being able to see Coach Dill. I also cannot have Coach Dill there with me when I wanted to improve on my serve.

What’s a message that you have for your spring team teammates? That this year might have been a bust, but we will get them next time.

How do you plan on getting better in the offseason? I plan on getting together with at least a few of my teammates and play a few matches so that I can work on my serve and just get better.