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Meet Senior Lydia Clark

Parents Names: Amy Clark and Tim Kemple
Interesting fact about you: I was able to whistle before I could walk, and could have been in the Guinness World Record Book.
Favorite track memory: The fun times on the bus with fellow teammates, singing songs and having fun conversations.
Favorite Coach Campbell saying: “You need to know when you’ve reached your best, and when to step aside”
What you miss about not being able to practice track today: Not being able to set goals with my coach and have guidance on areas that I need to improve on to be a better athlete.
A message to future Rambler track runners: Don’t be afraid to try a new sport, and don’t give up because you think that it might be hard. Success only comes if you work for it and if you don’t try you’ll miss out on an amazing experience!
Plans after high school: To attend Manchester University for Pre-Medicine