Red Ramblers News · Update on Attica Red Rambler Sports Medicine

I have a message from Trainer Ben Colletti below but I wanted to update everyone on what he has been up to since COVID-19 has put a hold on Spring Sports. Franciscan has reassigned him to work at the hospitals for screening people for COVID-19 and this week he will be going to Delphi to screen employees at a different facility.    Mr. Patton would like to send his thoughts and prayers to everyone during this time to protect those working the frontlines and keeping everyone healthy.  Thank you Ben and all of the RAMBLER FAMILIES that have loved ones working to keep us safe.



A message from our Trainer Ben Colletti:


Whether you’re cooped up in your house for the quarantine or staying in to avoid harsh weather, there are many things you can do in your home to continue staying in shape to prevent injury when you return to sport. In this specific guide, tips for nutrition and wellness as well as home exercise will be shared. This is a general guide and may not apply to all people and their specific dietary or exercise needs.

Click on the document for ARRSM – Nutrition and Home Exercise provided by Trainer Ben Colletti